Celine De Zuzuarregui

My name is Celine De Zuzuarregui. I'm an Information Technology professional with over 10 years of experience. In the past, I have specialized in Software Quality Assurance Testing, where I liked assisting my team uncover and reveal potential problems before the customer anticipated them.

Most recently, when I was working as a Software Tester, I was verifying the accuracy and manipulating data. Through this role, I realized that I wanted to be a part of a team of experts providing practical and innovative solutions that help businesses make better and informed decisions.

Lidia Zabcic

I have extensive experience working with large volumes of data over the last 10 years as a geologist in the Energy Sector. I enjoy gathering, cleaning, and analyzing the data to transform it into something meaningful.

My love for working with all types of data influenced my decision to start the Tech Skills program at Bow Valley College to study database administration and business intelligence.  This will give me the tools to better manage data and allow me to build on my current knowledge of data analytics.   

In addition to helping organizations manage their data, I am greatly interested in helping them visualize and consume their data efficiently with data analytics. My goal is to guide people and organizations into extracting the answers to the questions they are looking to solve, in order to help them reach their performance goals.

Cindy O’Brien

My strengths of learner, achiever, and intellection fuel my love of solving challenges.  This passion has been instrumental in former positions where I have been able to create systems and develop processes to streamline procedures, resulting in simplification, and reduction of processing time, errors, and redundancy.

My strength of responsibility has always made me reliable for meeting deadlines and ensuring quality output. I am currently a student at Bow Valley College preparing to work with data at a more dedicated level.

Lucia Ambrosino

With over 10 years of experience in Telecommunications, I've unearthed my appreciation for collecting and analyzing data from a diverse and ever-changing pool.

I'm a team player with remarkable communication skills which I cultivated in previous roles such as corporate trainer, digital project manager, and customer service, sales and leadership.

My experience with iterative project management, and my natural drive to understand root cause analysis, encouraged me to make the deliberate move to IT, a journey to compliment my experience with technical skills.

My passion for continuous learning and holistic approach to business readiness and organizational collaboration leaves me excited to join the field of Data Science, as a database administrator and business analyst.

Darlene Gallant

I have over 10 years of customer service experience and I love working with people in a team environment.

Most recently, I worked in a role as a Data Specialist that allowed me to gather information and analyze data. I was very intrigued by this role and realized that I have a passion for data analytics.

I am currently taking online courses to enhance my knowledge, while I am also a student at Bow Valley College studying predictive analytics. I look forward to bringing my people centered approach to everything I do, while building a career in data analytics.

Mohsen Ghanavati

I am a strategic thinker with an entrepreneurial mindset. Having 10+ years background in engineering with developed analytical talents and aptitude for learning new skills, I achieve solutions.

As a well log data analyst, I have enjoyed transforming scattered pieces of data into useful information that was utilized for comprehensive decision making. My greatest excitement was to contribute to the Root Cause Analysis (RCA) project of the largest US gas leak in California during the 2016-2018 period where tons of data were generated and analyzed to diagnose the failure cause.

I have great passion for extracting the hidden stories within data. Currently, I am focused on business data analytics in a formal training in Bow Valley College alongside with my self-paced online education. To know more details about me, please check my LinkedIn and GitHub. I look forward to putting my skills to use in the magnificent world of data analytics.  

George Young

I am a strategic thinker with well-practiced communication skills. I am a natural arranger who sees the big picture and can break down processes into assignable pieces. I am currently obtaining IBM Certification at Bow Valley College, with a focus on business intelligence and data analytics.

I am passionate about business analytics because it give me the opportunity to be creative and introduce new ideas. I am very excited to get involved in this field and I look forward to the opportunity to grow and get into a planning role, one day.

Nataliya P.

I am a finance professional specializing in strategic, financial management, reporting & tax compliance at a corporate level.

I have extensive experience in a wide range of senior accounting roles in various industries and the public sector. I enjoy building meaningful relationships and helping my colleagues to achieve their professional goals.

My next project is to extend my knowledge in data management and data analytics, where I can add value to any company by changing the way business make decisions.

I would like to use data to produce financial insights that drive results and teach others how to navigate the implications of digital disruption and innovation in this fast changing business world.

James Duggan

I have 15+ years of professional experience in Calgary, on the geology side of things.

It turns out the data aspects of my work (mining, assimilating, cleaning, analysis, visualization, and presentation) has become an important step in the progression of my career.

Being entirely self-taught as I needed skills to accomplish tasks, I decided to enroll in a series of courses at Bow Valley College on business analytics, database management, and the like.

This, I feel, will lead to a career in the data sciences, something I am quite keen on.

Josemary Daniel

I have worked in telecommunications for over 10 years and as a QA Analyst for 4 years. Having helped with testing and with the Database Administration team, I realized that I would love to further my knowledge of databases and data analysis.

I am exceptional at building relationships and working in a team environment. I am currently enrolled in the Database Administration and Business Intelligence program at Bow Valley College with the goal of securing a position as a Data Analyst.

Bow Valley Student Josemary

Chuck Chukwujindu

My name is Chuck. I have a background in accounting, with experience working in both public accounting and private firms. I am analytical and focused and I enjoy working with numbers.

I decided to take data management and business intelligence at Bow Valley College, as I realized this is an important skillset to have as an accountant. I want to help businesses extract, analyze and gather insight from their data, so that decision makers can have reliable, relevant and accurate data to enable sound decision making.

Mekonnen (Mokie) Kidane

I am a professional engineer with over 10 years of experience in a wide range of projects for the energy sector. Throughout my career, I have worked closely with multi-disciplinary teams, providing due diligence and technical advice on regulatory reporting, corporate acquisitions and divestitures.

I have a strong background in data mining and financial modeling. I excel in analyzing an issue from various perspectives and recommending optimal solutions. I enjoy my work as it aligns to my natural talents of being analytical and a critical thinker.

I am currently pursuing my studies in database administration and data analytics to sharpen my technical skills and transition into finding a career path as a Data Analyst. I have a passion for working in data-driven innovation companies and incorporating technology into my work. I would like to help organizations manage their data assets, and find best ways to provide insights from the data.

Roger Zavagnin

My natural curiosity, talent for developing people, willingness to take on tough challenges, and solve complicated problems are the foundation of my career that spans over 20 years of engineering in high-tech and natural resource industries.  During that time, I developed a broad understanding of operations, maintenance, reliability improvement practices, and technology development.  

Data analytics and artificial intelligence applications became an interest in 1990 when I did undergraduate projects using fuzzy logic and neural networks.  For a few years, I also worked in a competitive intelligence team where we used unique visualizations and developed in-house analytical tools to obtain and process public-domain information from the internet. 

Through these experiences, I gained an appreciation of the value that exists in transforming data into intelligence and action.  Upon completion of this program, I will be well-equipped to pursue the growing number of complex opportunities in many industrial, commercial, and public sector settings.

Ronald Bezanson

My name is Ron Bezanson. I am currently enrolled in the "Tech Skills to Employment Program" at Bow Valley College. I enrolled in the program because I saw opportunity! The same opportunity I saw from being a student in University, majoring in Economics to being in the "Client-focused Banking industry". From roles in the Front Line to Management and eventually to Executive Leadership: I have used the power of "Data Analytics" to find that "nugget" of information others perhaps could not see. 

I used my talents to present the value of the idea it created to leaders I built relationships with, communicated its value and offered to execute and deliver the strategy.

I believe data is not just meant to sit there or be "crunched"; it is there to find solutions to make intelligent business decisions, predict unforeseen future issues just around the corner and prepare for them.

Stephan Muranets

I am a designated supply chain professional (B.Comm, SCMP) with over 15 years’ experience in merchandising, procurement, and inventory management. My main strengths are data management and reporting in various ERP software applications.

I love to help people understand the significance of data by placing it in a visual context. I am thrilled to be enhancing my current knowledge by taking a tech skills program and developing new skills to stay up to date with current business intelligence practices and business analytical tools.

Vanishri (Vani) Murti

I have over 8 years’ experience as a Research Analyst and Program Evaluator. I enjoy going in-depth to collect data and join the dots of what may appear to be scattered or abstract pieces of information to understand what is really going on, and generate new ideas/techniques in collaboration with my team-mates.

I have used quantitative and qualitative analytical techniques to analyze data, problem-solve, and set key performance indicators to increase efficiency and better serve the needs of the client. Having worked in multiple organizations in various countries, has made me an agile thinker who can produce customized communication based on stakeholder needs to generate results.

I enrolled in database administration and business intelligence course at Bow Valley College to build on my experiences. Concurrently, I will be self-learning other data visualization software and languages online to be a productive employee in the area of business intelligence and data analytics. I look forward to connecting with you to understand what you are looking for and how I can serve the needs of your organization.

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