Tech Skills Initiative Overview

The Tech Skills Initiative provides Information and Communication Technology skills to unemployed and underemployed Albertans and helps them connect their new skills to the labour market. As an employer, there are a number of ways you can get involved in this initiative. 

Why get involved as a Employer

  • Access a pool of qualified candidates who have been pre-screened, vetted and trained to meet your specific needs
  • Connect with other professionals in the Information and Communication Technology sector to network and share ideas and challenges
  • Influence the shape of Information and Communication Technology training in Calgary

How to Get Involved as an Employer

Speed Mock Interviews

Along with other employers, take part in assisting learners in their preparation for job interviews by conducting speed mock interviews and providing learners with feedback regarding their interviewing skills.

Tech Advisory Committee

Be a part of our growing community of employers involved in the tech sector who are helping to shape the design, development and delivery of our tech project.

Industry Presentations

Share your work and passion of the tech sector with a class of eager learners with inquisitive minds.

Industry Projects

Industry projects provide a practical approach to teaching that benefits both the employer and the learner. Learners will gain industry experience by working collaboratively in teams, and applying their problem solving skills to creatively solve an employer’s data challenge.   

How It Works: An Employer identifies a data problem or challenge that they might be facing. Our learners, with the support of an instructor and/or PhD student, will develop a potential solution with simulated data. Learners would have 2-4 months to work on a potential solution and present their project to the employer at the end of the semester.

Host Work Placements (Unpaid)

Work placements are unpaid and are 10 weeks long. During work placements, employers benefit from having the support of an enthusiastic learner, while learners are able to apply their classroom knowledge and acquire hands on experience in a new career path. Learners are deemed to be Government of Alberta employees, while they are on work placements, for the purpose of receiving worker’s compensation coverage.

Hire Graduates (Paid Employment)

After clients complete the classroom portion and the work placement component, they are going to be looking for paid employment. Hire our graduates to access talent that is pre-screened, trained and experienced.

Participant Bios - Cohort 1

Participant Bios - Cohort 2

Participant Bios - Cohort 3

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