From left to right: Manan Kapoor, Lourdes Rodriguez, Moni Marouki, Mimi Tang, and Steffi Dhillon

What are the Ambassadors working on?

1. Vermicomposting

Manan Kapoor (Chiu School of Business) is working on vermicomposting in the College’s Centre for Early-Childhood Development and Applied Research (CEDAR). Vermicomposting is a process where worms break down food scraps into a nutritious soil amendment.

2. Sustainability workshops

Lourdes Rodriguez (Chiu School of Business) is preparing a workshop for students on how they can lead a more sustainable life.

3. Health & safety with microwaves

Moni Marouki (School of Global Access) is working on raising awareness about safety issues related to microwaving food in plastic containers.

4. Sustainability at Fresh Routes Mobile Market

Mimi Tang (School of Creative Technologies) is working on a reusable bag program at the Fresh Routes Mobile Market.

5. Iniikokaan Sage Medicine Garden & Bees on Campus

Steffi Dhillon (Chiu School of Business) is working on research related to the Iniikokaan Sage Medicine Garden and ways in which Bow Valley College can support native bees.

More information about the Ambassadors and their projects will be shared in the coming months. Questions or comments?

What is the Student Sustainability Ambassadors program?

This is a volunteer program where Bow Valley College students attend weekly meetings, help with waste & recycling education, work on a sustainability action project of their choosing, and receive a $250 stipend upon successful completion of the program. If you are passionate about a healthy environment and want to work collaboratively for creative solutions, this program is for you!

Recognition & benefits

  • $250 stipend
  • Recognized on co-curricular record
  • Listed on BVC Green website
  • Letter of reference (upon request)
  • Contribute to the sustainability portfolio at Bow Valley College
  • Build leadership skills, public speaking skills, and sustainability competencies

Eligibility & requirements

  • Length of position: Jan – Apr 2020
  • Must be in second semester at BVC (or later)
  • Attend at least 7 meetings
  • Commit to 2 volunteer hours per week
  • Demonstrate a passion for sustainability
  • Demonstrate your learning at the end of the program

What have past Ambassadors worked on?  

1. Researching possibilities for a community garden at Bow Valley College

Christine Abit (School of Health & Wellness) and Natasha Sergl (School of Creative Technologies) researched the benefits of community gardens and considered ways to start a garden at the College.

2. Researching women’s education in Jordan

Luwam Mogos (School of Global Access) worked with faculty member Trevor McIvor (Research & Innovation) to come up with ways to better understand the barriers women in Jordan face when seeking an education so that they can overcome them.

3. Sustainability Bingo

Henry Chavez Turcios, Ramandeep Kaur, and Mimi Tang designed a Sustainability Bingo activity for students. Students answered questions such as “What is your carbon footprint?” and “How much water does the College use in a single day?” for a chance to win great prizes.


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