South Campus is a LEED Silver building and North Campus is LEED Certified. LEED standards rate a building's environmental impact and performance. The building uses a lot of natural light and also has water and electricity saving features. This makes it a healthier place to work and study.

Check out some of our green-building initiatives:    

  • Washroom taps are touch-free. This reduces the risk of dripping faucets. Campus washrooms have low-flush toilets and urinals which also help reduce daily water use.   
  • Plants found in our rooftop gardens are local prairie plants that don't need a lot of water. Computers control watering based on need to reduce water use.   
  • South Campus uses district heating which is more efficient than natural gas. In this system, pipes bring warm water from ENMAX's District Energy Plant to heat the college. This helps us save energy. In fact, the energy saved is equal to taking 100 cars off the road each year for 25 years!   
  • Our buildings are almost completely lit by LED lightbulbs with motion sensors. If the sensors do not detect motion, the lights will turn off. We also received support from Energy Efficiency Alberta to replace all lightbulbs in our South Parkade with a more energy efficient option  
  • We monitor our progress on our Campus Green Screens. These interactive screens are located on the first floor of South Campus and third floor of North Campus. Take a look next time you pass by!

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