Did you know? On an average day, 77% of staff and 96% of learners use sustainable transportation to get to Bow Valley College!”

Healthy transportation choices can impact your life positively! There are many ways that you can take advantage of alternative transportation to help reduce your environmental impact. Alternative transportation includes:


Cycling is good for your health and the environment. Park your bike at one of the 94 bike racks outside of North campus or the 46 racks outside of South campus. Remember to use a secure lock. For resources on cycling in the city, check out Bike Calgary.

Public Transit

Public Transit is easy to use at Bow Valley College. The City Hall CTrain stop is right outside South Campus. Many bus stops also surround campus.


Carpooling saves money and reduces pollution. Carpoolers can park in preferred parking stalls closest to the south campus elevator lobbies.  Contact Impark at 403-299-7262 to rent the stalls. Carpool.ca provides a useful service for commuters looking find a carpool partner.


Car2go provides shared smart cars for members. These cars allow for easy, low-impact travel. Go Car2go.com for more information. 

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