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Nutrition Manager Certificate

This program’s flexible courses cater to busy lifestyles. For those interested in a rewarding food service career, this online, self-paced program boosts employability and earning potential. The eight courses and 340-hour work experience placement can be completed part-time over three years or less. Learners can also take the program full time, completing it in one year.

The program is accredited by the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM).

Nutrition Managers manage all aspects of food service operations, including menu planning, food preparation, safety, sanitation, purchasing, budgeting, marketing, and personnel management.

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Nutrition Manager Certificate program Frequently Asked Questions

Contact the Student Advising Centre:
Phone: 403-410-1402
Email: info@bowvalleycollege.ca

International Students should contact the International Education Office at international@bowvalleycollege.ca before applying to this program.

Courses in Program

Curriculum Subject to Change

Click on the course to view the course description and any prerequisite courses.

NUTR1101 - Introduction to Nutrition Management (3 credits, 45 hours)

This course will introduce you to the role of the nutrition manager in Canada. You will learn about the different types of operations in which nutrition managers are employed and about the range of activities they routinely perform as part of their work. You will also learn how these activities and expectations vary in different types of food service operations. Information is based on the guidelines and knowledge required by the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management, the professional organization of nutrition managers in Canada.

MGMT1201 - Business Communication (3 credits, 45 hours)

This course will help you develop the essentials of effective communication for a business setting. It will emphasize the importance of correct and current business English in both written and oral communication and focuses on enhancing your writing strategies and skills by composing and editing a variety of relevant emails, memos, and letters.

NUTR1102 - Foundations of Nutrition (3 credits, 45 hours)

Nutritional standards and guides are introduced. Nutritional adequacy of personal menus for different stages of the life cycle will be discussed, as well as cultural, lifestyle, and emerging issues in food and nutrition management in Canada. Prerequisites: NUTR1101 Introduction to Nutrition Management

NUTR1201 - Clinical Nutrition (3 credits, 45 hours)

This course focuses on the knowledge and skills required to provide nutritional treatment and prevention strategies for patients with various disease processes. The course includes nutritional screening, and the development and application of nutritional care plans. Prerequisites: NUTR1102 Foundations of Nutrition

NUTR1301 - Food Service Safety (3 credits, 45 hours)

In this course, you will learn to manage a food service operation to ensure both the safety of the food served to clients, and the safety of your employees. Legislation governing food service safety in Canada is reviewed, but the emphasis of the course is on understanding how safety can be compromised, and on strategies — including the HACCP system — for identifying potential safety risks and taking preventative or corrective action. Prerequisites: NUTR1101 Introduction to Nutrition Management

NUTR1401 - Human Resources for Nutrition Managers (3 credits, 45 hours)

This course focuses on the techniques and activities associated in acquiring, developing and maintaining an effective work force. Topics include: human resource planning; recruitment and selection; orientation, training and development; performance appraisal; wage and salary administrations; employee benefits and services; employee safety, security and health. Prerequisites: NUTR1101 Introduction to Nutrition Management

NUTR1302 - Food Production Management (3 credits, 45 hours)

Focuses on the systems required to plan and produce safe, high quality food in the quantities required to meet client and organizational needs. Menu and facility planning, work efficiency, storage, communication and forecasting strategies and quality assurance methods are included. Prerequisites: NUTR1201 Clinical Nutrition

NUTR1402 - Business Management (3 credits, 45 hours)

Budgets and inventory control will be the focus of this course. Marketing and public relations will also be discussed. Students will develop a strategic plan for a food service, and prepare annual operating and capital budgets. Prerequisites: NUTR1102 Foundations of Nutrition, NUTR1301 Food Service Safety, NUTR1302 Food Production Management

NUTR1999 - Nutrition Manager Work Experience (6 credits, 340 hours)

This course offers an opportunity to obtain hands-on experience in a supervisory role. The 340-hour (6-credit) work experience requires 40 x 8 hour shifts, working with a mentoring nutrition manger or registered dietitian manager. The course includes 320 full-time clinical site hours and 20 hours of research. The Nutrition Manager work experience emphasizes leadership and management skills. This is an unpaid placement. This course facilitates greater independence as the learner moves toward the nutrition manager role. The preceptored experiences may occur in diverse areas within the food service industry including but not inclusive of the following: 
- Continuing care centers
- Hospitals or community health centres
- Restaurants, hotels, fitness centres, contract food companies
- Catering companies
- Cafeterias in large organizations
- School or post-secondary institutions
- Correctional institutions
- Food processing companies/food product supply companies
Prerequisites: all program courses
The following documents must be submitted at least FOUR weeks prior to the start of the course: Police Information Check, proof of immunization status, and Food Service Safety certificate of completion. Program can be taken full or part time.

Admission requirements

Academic Requirements

  • Credit in English 30-1 or 65% in English 30-2 or equivalent
  • Math 20-1, 20-2, 20-3 or equivalent


  • Successful completion of the General Equivalency Development (GED) test with a standard score of 520 in Language Arts: Reading and Writing and a score of 480 in Math


  • Minimum score of Level 3 in each domain (reading, document use and numeracy) on the Test of Workplace Essential Skills (TOWES) Office Administration (ADM) Version, or alternate assessment as approved by department

English Language Proficiency Requirements

Work Experience Requirements

  • A current Police Information Check (PIC) with a Vulnerable Sector Search (VSS) must be submitted prior to practicum placements. The existence of a criminal record may postpone or prevent clinical, practicum, or field work placements and, subsequently, successful completion of the program.
  • Food service, supervisory experience and basic computer skills are assets.
  • Students are responsible for securing approved work experience placements; assistance provided where possible.
  • Managerial level food safety certificate (one month prior to work experience)
  • Current valid Immunization Report*
  • CPR Certificate*

*may be required one month prior to work experience depending on placement site

Application Information

Applicants to the Nutrition Manager Certificate program should consult the table below if applying online:

Students planning to begin program in:

Intake to apply for:

September, October, November, December

Fall intake (September)


January, February, March, April

Winter intake (January)


May, June, July, August

Spring intake (May)


Once applications have been submitted, and the Admissions Office confirms acceptance and start dates, students will be able to pay confirmation fees, and register for individual courses.

Once accepted into the program, students can register into individual courses in-person at the Office of the Registrar, or by calling 403-410-1400.

The last day to register for individual courses beginning in any given month is the last business Monday of the previous month (e.g. a student must pay and register by the last Monday of July in order to begin courses in August).

Prospective learners who live outside of Alberta and will be completing their Work Experience outside of Alberta, are required to speak to the Program Coordinator prior to applying for the program to discuss insurance regulations. Contact 403-410-1485 to speak to the Program Coordinator.