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Corporate Readiness Training Program (CRTP)

This full-time program is for internationally trained professionals who are looking to start their career in Canada. It provides learners with the skills they need to find a job and the business communication skills they need to excel.  

Learners in the program will:
  • Develop strategies to successfully find a job
  • Earn valuable Canadian work experience
  • Develop workplace skills that are essential for ongoing success in the Canadian workplace.
This program is comprised of:
  • 10 weeks in class, full time, intensive workplace language, culture and skills training
  • 6 weeks of work experience (unpaid)

Learners will develop the skills they will need to find meaningful work and start their career path in Canada. For more information see the CRTP website .


  • Minimum Canadian Language Benchmark (CLB) of 6
  • Permanent Residency Card/Canadian Citizenship Card
  • Completed post-secondary training from the country of origin and the desire to enter that occupational field in Canada
  • Ready, willing and able to go to work

If eligible, a referral to have CLBs assessed can be picked up at the CRTP office, N445 North Campus, Bow Valley College, 332-6th Ave. SE, Calgary. Or call 403-410-3466.

Admission Requirements:

Applicants must complete an Application Package.  See: http://crtp.bowvalleycollege.ca/students/apply-now


Alberta Works

CRTP Learner

"I was really impressed how much it helped me learn a lot and improve my skills...it was a great investment of time."

Program Start Dates:  

January 05, 2017
May 03, 2017

Class Schedule:

Mon-Fri 8:00a.m.-12:30p.m.

Work Experience
Mon-Fri Company's schedule


Calgary, Downtown Campus

Contact Student Advising Centre for details:
Phone: 403-410-1402
Email: info@bowvalleycollege.ca

For detailed information about the application process, see:
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