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Digital Marketing Post-Diploma Certificate

The Digital Marketing Post-diploma Certificate prepares professionals and recent graduates to address the marketing needs of a business organization by applying marketing theory and concepts using the latest digital marketing tools and techniques. Learners will experience practical application of clear, targeted communications within a business environment and hands-on opportunities to prepare professional marketing campaigns using the latest digital production and analytics tools. The importance of research and analysis will be present throughout the program. This program will emphasis and mimic business environments through collaborative projects and group assignments. Learners will also understand the strategic marketing implications of advertising, personal and product branding, sales promotion, direct marketing and public relations in the digital world.

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Courses in Program

Courses are subject to change.  

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Term 1

DATA3301 - Digital Marketing Analytics (3 credits, 45 hours)

In this course, learners use digital analytic platforms to address data-driven organizational contexts. Learners analyse sample data sets to draw correlations between consumer behaviour, media, and campaign strategies as the basis for the formal presentation of the customer profile, performance, and metrics. Learners design engagement strategies for customer profiles and analyse how those strategies necessarily evolve with consumer behaviour and client feedback.
Prerequisites: TBD

DESN2301 - Introduction to User Experience Design (3 credits, 45 hours)

This course introduces the principles of designing the user experience. These principles as well as design thinking are applied in the construction of effective solutions to business scenarios. Learners take a multidisciplinary approach to integrating skills, concepts, and performance criteria within production teams. The course covers marketing content, layouts, usability testing, and visual theory, as well as introduces designing for emerging technologies.
Prerequisites: TBD

DESN3204 - Web Design and Development for Digital Marketing (3 credits, 45 hours)

This course introduces learners to current industry web design and development methodologies within a digital marketing context. Responsive design and the creative process are themes throughout the course. Learners employ development techniques using current industry programming languages and tools to address a marketing target. Learners employ project management principles in the completion of projects based on real business scenarios and aligned with integrated marketing plans.
Prerequisites: TBD

DES3206 - Digital Media Production (3 credits, 45 hours)

In this course, learners create, manipulate, and complete images for use in media production to address business contexts. A combination of photography, typography, drawing, computer graphics, brainstorming techniques, and production methods are addressed, as well as interactive design and the sourcing of media. Learners use advanced techniques combining photographic and illustrative material using imaging software to produce complex visuals, collages, and conceptual mock-ups with both bitmap and vector elements.
Prerequisites: TBD

MKTG2301 - Digital Marketing Communications (3 credits, 45 hours)

In this course, learners apply the art and science of communicating in both online and offline environments as part of a marketing strategy. Learners design creative, targeted materials working with a variety of digital tools and platforms as well as evaluating the relationship between language, product, and audience. In keeping with professional practice, project materials are formally presented as they would be in the digital marketing workplace.
Prerequisites: TBD

Term 2

DATA3302 - Design Process Analytics (3 credits, 45 hours)

Learners explore the purpose, practice, and ethics of consumer research within the design process as related to digital marketing. This course examines mainstream and emerging research processes and methodologies with an emphasis on data interpretation and analysis. Learners are challenged to integrate key findings into strategic components of a marketing plan addressing psychographics, information needs, and media preferences of target audiences.
Prerequisites: DESN2301

DESN3205 - Advanced Web Design and Development for Digital Marketing (3 credits, 45 hours)

This course builds on foundational coding skills as learners they undertake complex projects that focus on making the web more responsive, interactive and functional. Learners apply evidence-based practice for user interface design in the development of websites and applications. Projects are tested for functionality and critiqued through peer review.
Prerequisites: DESN3204

DESN3207 - Advanced Digital Media Production (3 credits, 45 hours)

In this course, learners build upon their foundational skills in media production through projects demanding the combining of media elements and the mixing of production effects. Project teams incorporate creative solutions that address marketing challenges, and the solutions include a variety of media forms delivered through a variety of platforms.
Prerequisites: DESN3206

DESN3208 - Advanced User Experience Design (3 credits, 45 hours)

This course explores the principles of advertising and promotion for products and services in business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B) markets in addition, the course emphasis the end-user experience. Learners develop a clear, comprehensive branding strategy for a product or service based upon the fact that a brand is the totality of how consumers perceive, experience, and respond to a product or service. Learners focus on promotions, point of purchase, direct response, and media planning.
Prerequisites: DESN2301

MKTG3999 - Digital marketing Capstone Project (3 credits, 45 hours)

This course brings together integrated digital marketing and the business world where graduates ply their skills. Success in this course and the graduate workplace depends upon the professional presentation of marketing plans, personal portfolios, and product team portfolios. Learners work in real-world business contexts and focus on strategy, promotion, and entrepreneurial endeavour.
Prerequisites: DATA3301, DESN2301, MKTG2301. Co-requisites: DATA3302, DESN3208

Admission Requirements

1)      Academic Requirements

  • Completion of a diploma or degree

2)      English Proficiency Requirements

Applicants whose first language is not English must demonstrate one of the following:

  • IELTS - Academic (International English Language Testing Systems): 6 with a minimum band score of 5.5      
  • TOEFL (Test of English as a Second Language): 83      
  • Academic English 2: Grade B-      
  • Milestones Test (CLB): 8 in each strand