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Career Program Pathways - Health

The Career Program Pathways - Health is a two term full-time option designed to prepare you for the Practical Nurse (PN) Diploma program offered at Bow Valley College. The courses you will take in this pathway will help you to develop math, science, English, and communication skills directly related to work in the Health Care field. The pathway provides an alternate route for admission to the PN program, a reserved seat in the following intake, and advance credit in three PN courses.

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Term 1

BIOL0901 Biology for Health Science I (3 credits, 45 hours)

This course is the study of cellular structure and function beginning with orientation to cells and continuing through the tissues. An introduction to microbiology is included. Building a foundation of essential knowledge will support further courses dealing with specific topics in anatomy and physiology of the body.
Prerequisites: None

COMM0102 Introduction to Health Sciences Communication (3 credits, 45 hours)

The primary focus of this course is effective oral communication in the context of healthcare. Within this context, strategies and techniques for active and compassionate listening will be engaged alongside clear and concise oral communication. This course presents learners with skills training for communication in the healthcare field, with focus on frontline interactions between healthcare practitioner and patients, and healthcare practitioner and colleagues.
Prerequisites: None

ENGL0901 Reading and Writing for Health Sciences (3 credits, 45 hours)

Learners in the course will master skills related to vocabulary, reading, writing, document use and critical thinking, specifically as they apply to the field of science.
Prerequisites: None

ESSK0302 College Success for Health Sciences (3 credits, 45 hours)

This course will allow learners to learn and adapt skills for success for college and career.  Emphasis is on application of personal management strategies, research-based learning and study skills, and critical thinking.
Prerequisites: None

HMSV0110 Health Care in Canada (3 credits, 45 hours)

This course will provide learners with a broad overview of the Canadian healthcare system. Topics such as governmental roles, professionalism, culture, ethics, and current issues in healthcare will be explored through research, analysis, and presentation.
Prerequisites: None

Term 2

BIOL0902 Biology for Health Science II (3 credits, 45 hours)

This course is the study of organ systems and organismic functions of the body. The following major organ systems will be examined: the integumentary system, the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular system, the respiratory system, the nervous system, the endocrine system, the urinary system and the reproductive system. Three unifying themes, the interrelationships of body organ systems, homeostasis, and the complementarity of structure and function, will provide the basis of understanding for the workings of the body.
Prerequisites: Successful completion of all five Term 1 courses 

ENGL0902 English for Academic Writing and Health Sciences (3 credits, 45 hours)

This course will transition learners from the paragraph level of development in writing to critical essay writing with specific emphasis on critical reading skills to be able to synthesize the information read and translate it into writing a research paper. The overall outcome of the course will be to create a fully cited research paper.
Prerequisites: Successful completion of all five Term 1 courses 

COMM1101 Interpersonal Relationships and Communication Skills (3 credits, 45 hours)

Learners are introduced to the concept of self-awareness and the process of communication. Emphasis is on understanding the communication process and building personal and professional communication skills. Communication techniques for working with cultural diversity and special populations are also explored.
Prerequisites: Successful completion of all five Term 1 courses 

NURS1301 Mathematical Principals of Medication Administration (3 credits, 45 hours)

Numeracy skills in drug dosage calculation are intrinsic to nursing practice. Learners need these skills to progress through their courses, clinical placements, and eventual licensed PN practice. This course initially focuses on foundational mathematical concepts and operations as well as the documents integral to medication administration. The course covers oral and parenteral medication calculations, intravenous drug administration calculations, and calculations for special protocols. Proficiency in this course underpins safe practice.
Prerequisites: Successful completion of all five Term 1 courses 

PSYC1201 Human Growth and Development Across the Life Span (3 credits, 45 hours)

This course provides a comprehensive overview of physical, social and cognitive development across the human life span. Emphasis is placed upon the stages of development and their linkage to common events and adaptations.
Prerequisites: Successful completion of all five Term 1 courses  

Admission Requirements 

Academic Requirements

  • Credit in English Language Arts 10-1 or 65% English Language Arts 10-2
  • 65% in Math 10C
  • 65% in Science 10 


  • Successful completion of the General Educational Development (GED) test with a standard score of 500 in Language Arts: Reading and Writing and a standard score of 480 in Math
  • 65% in Science 10

English Language Proficiency Requirements

In addition to the academic requirements listed above, applicants whose first language is not English would need to meet one of the following English Language Proficiency Requirements:

  • IELTS Academic - 6 with a minimum band score of 5.5
  • TOEFL - 83
  • Academic English 2 (Bow Valley College course) with a minimum of Grade B-
  • CLB (Canadian Language Benchmarks) - 8 in each strand

Start dates: Jan. 8, 2018

Application for the Winter 2018 term will open in September 2017. Seats in this program are limitted, so please ensure to apply early. 
** Alberta Works funding pending government approval.

For more information, please contact the Student Advising Centre at 403-410-1402 or e-mail info@bowvalleycollege.ca