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Career Program Pathways - Business

The Career Program Pathways - Business is a single term full-time option designed to prepare you for the Business Administration Certificate or Diploma programs, any of the Health Administration Certificate programs, the Administrative Professional Certificate, or the Legal Assistant Diploma offered at Bow Valley College. Successful completion of all five courses included in the pathway would provide an alternate route for admission to the Bow Valley College Chiu School of Business programs and a reserved seat in the following intake.

You must take all four Term 1 courses and one advanced credit course relevant to your chosen Chiu School of Business career program.

Click on the course to view the course description.

Term 1

COMM0101 Introduction to Business Communications (3 credits, 45 hours)

This course provides learners with an introduction to communication in the workplace with an emphasis on written communication. Learners will be provided with the opportunity to practice and develop their skills-with a focus on purpose, tone, and audience - through the use of authentic resources and situations found in the workplace.
Prerequisites: None

COMP0901 Online Learning and Business Applications (3 credits, 45 hours)

Online Learning and Business Applications is a blended course that will prepare learners to be successful in an online learning environment. The Online Learning component will be presented through an online delivery mode. The Business Applications component will introduce learners to using Microsoft Office programs Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to create business documents and present information in a workplace environment.
Prerequisites: None

MATH0901 Introduction to Business Math (3 credits, 45 hours)

This course will ensure successful students will demonstrate number sense by competently performing, interpreting, and communicating foundational business mathematics.
Prerequisites: None

MGMT0101 Business in Canada (3 credits, 45 hours)

This course provides learners with an overview of business in a Canadian context through the development of research, presentation, and teamwork skills. Learners will be introduced to and practice research skills including using library databases, and proper use and purpose of citation. Learners will have the opportunity to practice communication skills through the use of authentic resources and situations found in the work place.
Prerequisites: None

Advance Credit for one of the following courses:

** Some Advance Credit courses may be available online only

MGMT1101 Introduction to Management (3 credits, 45 hours)

This course will introduce students to the principles of management and leadership. Students will review the major managerial processes of planning, organizing, controlling, and leading. The course will also examine the role of a manager as the decision-maker responsible for the attainment of strategic goals and objectives of the organization.
Prerequisites: None

MKTG1101 Introduction to Marketing (3 credits, 45 hours)

This course introduces various marketing concepts and practices. Topics include: market research, consumer motivation, buyer behaviour patterns, the industrial market, product planning and development, distribution channels, the price system, personal selling, and advertising.
Prerequisites: None

HUCL1101 Role Concepts in Health Care (3 credits, 45 hours)

This course introduces the role of the Health Administrative Assistant and explores the concepts of basic needs, wellness, diversity, time management, communication, and conflict resolution in the health care environment.
Prerequisites: None

ADMN1201 Office Procedures I (3 credits, 45 hours)

This course focuses on records management and organizational structure in the Canadian office setting. Learners explore strategies for adapting to the office culture with emphasis on professional work relationships, understanding employer expectations and managing time effectively in the workplace. 
Prerequisites: None

LEGL1201 Introduction to the Legal Profession (3 credits, 45 hours)

This course provides an overview of the fundamental aspects of the Canadian legal system, and the role of Legal Assistants in that system with an overview of the principle of tort, contract law, and employment law.
Prerequisites: None

Admission Requirements 

Academic Requirements

  • Credit in English Language Arts 20-1 or 65% in English Language Arts 20-2
  • 65% in Math 10C


  • Successful completion of the General Educational Development (GED) test with a standard score of 500 in Language Arts: Reading and Writing and a standard score of 480 in Math.


  • Satisfactory results on the Bow Valley College Admission/Placement test.

English Language Proficiency Requirements

In addition to the academic requirements listed above, applicants whose first language is not English would need to meet one of the following English Language Proficiency Requirements:

  • IELTS Academic - 6 with a minimum band score of 5.5
  • TOEFL - 83
  • Academic English 2 (Bow Valley College course) with a minimum of Grade B-
  • CLB (Canadian Language Benchmarks) - 8 in each strand

Start dates: Jan. 8, 2018

Application for the Winter 2018 term will open in September 2017. Seats in this program are limitted, so please ensure to apply early. 
** Alberta Works funding pending government approval.

For more information, please contact the Student Advising Centre at 403-410-1402 or e-mail info@bowvalleycollege.ca