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TOWES is the Test oWorkplace Essential Skills. It is a nationally recognized assessment that uses authentic Canadian work and life content to assess an individual's ability across three skills: reading text, document use, and numeracy. These important skills are linked to success at work, in learning and in daily life.

Together with assessments, TOWES provides instructional resources, consulting services and professional development to organizations and individuals looking to assess and improve their literacy and essential skills.

By using TOWES

  • Employers can identify and develop the essential skills of workers and prepare them for a wide range of jobs.
  • Employees, students, and job seekers can identify and develop their essential skills, enabling them to make better informed career and education decisions giving them access to higher paying jobs.
  • Educators and trainers can pinpoint areas of strength and weakness in order to develop focused intervention strategies.

Call 403 410-3200 or visit www.towes.com for further information on TOWES.