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Grad Ceremony Frequently Asked Questions


How will I be contacted about graduation? You'll get important updates sent to your MyBVC e-mail account once you've registered to attend, after the registration deadline (April 19, 2017 for Spring Grad 2017). We will also post info in MyBVC and at www.bowvallecollege.ca/graduation

Do my guests need tickets for this event? Yes, your guests will need tickets. You can pick up your tickets and gowns at a period to be announced.

Will extra tickets be available? Possibly. We will inform registered grads on how to obtain extra tickets if there are any.

How many guests am I allowed to invite? Each registered grad will be given two (2) tickets for guests.

Do children need tickets to attend? Children older than 2 years old need tickets. Infants 2 years old and under can attend without tickets, if they sit on the laps of your guests who have tickets. Children cannot sit with grads in the graduate area, they must sit in the regular guest area.  Child care will not be provided by Bow Valley College on grad day.

What is the cost to attend graduation? The graduation ceremony is covered by the student services fees you pay at the start of the term -- there is no additional cost/fee. Gowns, caps, and the ceremony itself, are all included.

What about graduation portraits? There is a separate cost for graduation portraits (sitting fee and cost of photos if you order any). Portrait sittings and packages are managed directly by Images of Distinction, not by Bow Valley College. More info: bvcgradphotos.com 

Will I still get my certificate/diploma if I do not attend the Graduation Ceremony? The certificates issued at the graduation ceremonies are commemorative parchments of the event. Your official certificate or diploma will be sent to you by mail, a number of weeks after you finish your program requirements completely.

At what time must I arrive for the ceremony? You need to be at the venue one hour before the start of the ceremony, wearing your gown. It takes about an hour for us to gather grads into program groups for the procession into the auditorium. If you are late, you may not be permitted to walk the stage.

How long is the ceremony? Do I have to stay the whole time? The ceremony will run a lively two hours (approximately). Out of respect for your fellow  grads, we ask that you and your guests remain for the whole the ceremony. 

What if I can't pick up my graduation gown and tickets during the set dates/times? You may have a designated person pick up the gown and tickets for you sometime during the pick-up period -- this can be a classmate, friend, family member, or anyone else you authorize. You need to provide them with a note to bring (paper, e-mail or text message) indicating your name, your BVC student ID number, your program name, and your permission (e.g. "I, Jane Smith, have asked my friend/family member/classmate, John Doe, to pick up my gown and tickets.").

What colour are the gowns? Health and Wellness program grad gowns are white; Community Studies (Human Services and Justice) program grad gowns are red; Business and Administration program grad gowns are blue; Creative Technologies program grad gowns are green. Each gown comes with a cap and tassel of the same colour. Click here to get a better sense of the actual colours.

What's the dress code for graduation? There is no set dress code for the graduation ceremony, though we generally recommended that you wear business-appropriate attire. Also, keep in mind the colour of your gown (see the question above).

Is there a coat check at graduation? Yes. Grads must check any coats, bags, or similar items, and cannot bring them into the ceremony. Grads can also leave such items with their guests. Phones are permissible (they must be turned to 'silent' mode), and any required medication is also permissible.

When do I return my gown?  The gowns (and caps, and tassels) are yours to keep as souvenirs of the celebration.

Is your question or concern not addressed here? Write to grad@bowvalleycollege.ca.