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Graduation Information

Graduation at Bow Valley College involves two separate processes:

1) Application to Graduate (required during your final term of study; mandatory for career program learners)

The Application to Graduate is required for you to receive your certificate or diploma. This process lets you notify the Office of the Registrar when you're close to completing your program and all its requirements (courses, practicums, preceptorships, etc.)

STEP 1: Log into your MyBVC account (mybvc.ca)

STEP 2: Under the 'Student Information' tab, click on 'Student Forms' to get the 'Application to Graduate' form (click here for the form)

STEP 3: Complete the form and send to records@bowvalleycollege.ca using your MyBVC email account

  • Don't know if you're eligible?  Contact the Advising Services for your School or program
  • Submit your Application to Graduate as soon as possible during your final term of study. Don't wait for final grades!

Send an email to records@bowvalleycollege.ca if you need help with your Application to Graduate form

2) Ceremony Registration (registration for the Winter 2018 ceremony will open this fall in MyBVC)

Want to attend your graduation ceremony? You need to register.

STEP 1: Log into your MyBVC account (mybvc.ca)

STEP 2: Under the 'Student Information' tab, click on 'Graduation'

STEP 3: Select your ceremony date, program and gown size from the drop-down menus (gown sizes listed on the MyBVC graduation page)

Spring Graduation has passed. The next graduation ceremony will be taking place in February, 2018. The official date is coming soon.


Please read the Frequently Asked Questions for more info on the graduation ceremonies.

Important notes and contacts

  • The Application to Graduate and Ceremony Registration are separate processes
  • The Application to Graduate is mandatory for all career program learners close to completing their program
  • Graduation Ceremony Registration is required for learners who wish to attend the next graduation ceremony
  • For assistance with filling out the Application to Graduate form, please contact clientservices@bowvalleycollege.ca
  • For general inquiries about the Graduation Ceremony not answered on the FAQ, please email grad@bowvalleycollege.ca