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Skill Building Resources

Watch these short videos to learn strategies designed to help improve your levels of literacy and essential skills:

  • Essential Skills 101
    • This video provides an overview of the concept of essential skills, why they matter and how they relate to the world of work and lifelong learning
  • Question Attack strategies
    • This video introduces a strategy for problem solving and understanding questions. Identify ways to focus your energy on the question at hand instead of stressing out about getting the right answer and losing focus of the question that contains clues for successfully solving the problem
  • Scanning and Skimming reading strategies
    • This video introduces two strategies for improving your reading speed without compromising your reading accuracy
  • Document Use list structure strategies
    • This video introduces the concept of formatted, or structured reading and how specific reading strategies are required depending on how information is built
  • Planning and organizing information strategies
    • This video provides useful suggestions for organizing the wide range and volume of information a worker might typically receive on a day-to-day basis