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Book Your TOWES Exam

To register for a TOWES exam, please choose one of the following options.

If you are beginning your program and need to write TOWES for the first time, click on the following link:

Booking the TOWES Challenge Exam requires the use of your mybvc.ca student email address. Include only your mybvc.ca email address in the email field. All personal emails used for booking will be disregarded and deleted.

NOTE: TOWES Challenge Exam testing is only offered at the beginning of the Fall, Winter and Spring/Summer terms each year. The regsitration link will remain inactive after the testing period has ended.  Please consult the TOWES testing schedule for more information.

If you have completed the WES at BVC training program and are writing TOWES for the second time, contact the WES Officer to book a TOWES rewrite. No TOWES booklet will be provided or test booking accommodated without prior notification.