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Explore Desire2Learn

What is Desire2Learn (D2L)?

When taking a course or program at Bow Valley College, you will have access to the program Desire2Learn (D2L). D2L  allows you  access to course materials, assignments, quizzes, grades, calendar, email and class discussions using the internet. Please note your instructor may not use D2L for all of the applications listed, check with your instructor if you are not sure about what information will be available for you on D2L.

What if I need help with D2L?

  • If you are having a technical problem with D2L, please contact the BVC Help Desk (403 410 1611) or come see Computer Support in the RGO Library and Learning Commons.
  • If you have a course content related question, please contact your instructor.
  • You can also access the Help link. This Help link is located on your D2L Home Page near the bottom.

Example home page for D2L:

*This is an example of a D2L home page. This is meant as a guide and may be different than your own D2L home page.

Example D2L homepage

What are the different areas of D2L?

When you access Desire2Learn, you should become familiar with the different features that are available. Below is a table explaining these areas.

Desire2Learn Areas What it Means
Home Page Find and access your courses, calendar, college news and update notifications.
My Program Where you will find program related communications, information and news.
Locker Add your personal files and access them at a later time. If you add files to this area, always keep a backup copy of your files. When you are finished with your program or course, you will no longer have access to these files.
My Settings Found on the Home Page. Update your profile information, change notifications you recieve, update your password, and more.
Help Help link for using Desire2Learn tools.
Logout To log out of Desire2Learn. This is found by clicking on your username at the top of the screen.
My Courses Where your registered courses are located.
News Find important announcements that pertain to Desire2Learn and Bow Valley College.
Calendar Will display the calendar entries from your Desire2Learn courses.

Will I have access to D2L with my program or classes?

This will depend on the program or course that you are taking. For example your instructor may be using D2L only for the mail and discussions. Other instructors may use D2L for you to complete online quizzes. Your course may also be taught entirely online and your instructor may use a variety of tools in D2L. If you are not sure how you are using D2L with your program or course, ask your instructor.

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