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MyBVC Help

MyBVC Student Portal Services Help

Printable MyBVC Guide (pdf)

Logging into MyBVC Mail (Video)

Using MyBVC Mail

Forward MyBVC Mail (pdf)

Set up MyBVC Mail iPhone (pdf)

Set up MyBVC Mail Android (pdf)

Computer Support Chat
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MyBVC Student Portal Services Help

When taking courses at Bow Valley College, you are assigned a MyBVC username  at the time your registration is accepted.
The email containing the username has a link that can be used to create a password for the system. *This email expires 30 days after it is sent.*

If you do not know your username and password, or your email has expired, you can find out by going to the password reset website. When you reset your password you are sent a new email containing your username and a link to create a new password.

MyBVC is a student web portal that allows you to access your MyBVC gmail account, announcements, class schedule, unofficial transcripts, D2L account, college policies and many more student services. You can also make payments, update your contact information and register for courses (online course registration open to the Chiu School of Business and School of Health, Justice, and Human Services students only).

Logging into myBVC

Technical assistance

How do I change my password?

What should I do if I forget my password or username?

Register for courses

Checking my schedule (timetable)

Accessing my Desire2Learn (D2L) account

Printing my T2202A

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Logging into myBVC

Open your Browser.
Type in http://www.bowvalleycollege.ca and press enter.
Click on BVC Login.

Click on LOGIN under Student login in the mybvc section.

Type in your Username and Password; then click on Sign in located below the Username
and Password.

Your username and a link to create your password were mailed or emailed to you by the registrar's
office when your application was accepted.

Type in the username and password


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Technical assistance:

If you are having a technical problem with MyBVC, contact the BVC Help Desk by phone 403-410-1611. Check the BVC Login page for Help Desk hours of operation.

If you are a student in a career program (examples: Hospital Unit Clerk, Health Care Aide, Business Administration), and have questions regarding course registration, please contact the Student Advising Centre.

Student in upgrading courses should contact the Office of the Registar at 403-410-1400 (extension 1).

If you require a name or address to be changed, contact the Office of the Registrar.
To change your name you must go to the Office of the Registrar and present your ID and name change documents in person.
To update address or other contact information you can submit in person a Request to Change Address/Contact form at the Office of the Registrar OR you can update your contact information inside the MyBVC student portal under the 'Registration' menu.

Computer support is also available at the North Campus in the RGO Library and Learning Commons 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday or at LRSSupport@bowvalleycollege.ca.

If you encounter questions while using MyBVC, you can access the online help by returning to the home page of MyBVC (after you log in) and clicking on one of the following links:

Read FAQs and other important information here


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How do I change my password?

It is important that you change your myBVC password. To make your password secure and easy to remember you need to change the password the first time you log into myBVC.

To change your password click on the Change Password link in the Online Services menu at the top of the screen once you log in.

Click password change

A Change Password screen will open.
Type in your current password, a new secure password, repeat the new password and click on the Submit button.
Your new password will take effect the next time you log in.


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What should I do if I forget my password or username?

Click on I forgot my  password  on the page www.mybvc.ca.
Click on I forgot my password

Click on reset your password.

Reset your password

Enter your information in the fields provided and click Reset.

Click Reset

Login to your personal email account. The email account to check is the one provided when you registered for your program.

You will recieve the following message in your personal email account:

Email you recieve after resetting your password

The link provided will only work for two hours after the email was sent.

Click on the link in the email message, choose a new password and type it two times and click Change.

Type the new password twice and click change

Passwords for the MyBVC  network must comply with the following rules:

  1. The password cannot contain your name, student ID # or birth date.
  2. The password must be 8 characters or more.
  3. The password must contain 3 of the 4 following:
    1. Lowercase letter
    2. Uppercase letter
    3. Number
    4. Symbol (eg. !@*&)

If the self password reset does not work, call the BVC Help Desk  at 403-410-1611 to have your password reset. Help Desk staff will ask questions to verify your identity.

Check the BVC login page for Help Desk hours of operation.


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Checking my schedule (timetable)

Log in to your web portal with your username and password at www.mybvc.ca.

Click on the Schedule option in the Registration menu.

Click on Schedule in the Registration menu

If there is a problem with your schedule, contact the Student Advising Centre as soon as possible.


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Accessing my D2L account

There is a link to your D2L account in your myBVC web portal. *Please note you will not have access to the D2L page or courses until your classes have started.

Click on Access Desire2Learn here and you will be taken to your D2L home page.

*NOTE: The username and password for D2L are the same as the username and password for MyBVC.

Click on Access Desire2Learn Here to go to the D2L home page

For more information on how to use the D2L system please view the tutorials on the D2L Help page.


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Printing my T2202A form

Your T2202A form will be posted on your myBVC web portal as soon as it is available. This will be near the end of February.

The link to your tax form is found in the Registration menu.

Click on T220@A

If your form is available your screen will have a green link to click to access a printable version of the form. The link will be named with the year and program of study.

After you click on the link to open your form you can print the T2202A by clicking on the print button located at the top-left of the page.

If you do not have a T2202A available, contact studentaccounts@bowvalleycollege.ca as soon as you are able with the following information:

1) Your question
2) Your full name and Student ID#
3) Your birth date
4) Your phone number and mailing address.


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Logging into MyBVC Mail

Watch this flash video for instructions on how to log into the MyBVC Email account.

Click the picture below to start the video.

Using MyBVC Mail

The myBVC web portal is where you will find access to your college email. To access the email, log into your web portal at www.mybvc.ca and click on the menu option for Email under Online Services.

The first time you log in you will be directed to set up your email account.

set up your gmail account for mybvc mail

Once the account is set up it is ready to use for sending and recieving email.

Tutorials are available for reading messages, sending messages, replying to messages and attaching files to messages.
*To view the tutorials for using MyBVC email, you will need to log into your MyBVC account.*

View the tutorials (sign in to MyBVC required to view tutorials)

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