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Multi-Faith Room

A designated space for the primary use of spiritual practice is now available at Bow Valley College.
2nd floor, South Campus
Open Monday - Sunday, 6:30 am to 10:00 pm

Multi Faith Location

All users of the room are required to understand and comply with the Multi-Faith Room Procedures  listed below. Failure to comply with the procedures may result in restricted access to a group, person or persons.

Multi-Faith Room Procedures


This document specifies usage of the designated Multi-Faith Space, aligning with the Learner Accommodation Policy.   


This procedure applies to learners, employees and representatives of the college within all campuses, course/program delivery modalities, activities, services and facilities.  


Employees (including contractors) and learners are responsible for knowing, understanding, and complying with this procedure to the extent that it relates to their position, employment, or enrolment at the College.  


  The use of the designated Multi-Faith Space, located on the 2nd floor of South Campus, shall be subject to review by the Director, Learner Success Services and shall respect the following procedures:     

1.      Management  

1.1.   The Multi-faith Space at Bow Valley College is managed by Learner Success Services. The Responsible Officer, or designate, will oversee the approval of all bookings and inquiries regarding use of space.  Where applicable and approved by the Responsible Officer, the space may be made available for other purposes.  

2.      Space Booking

2.1.   Groups (10 or more people) wishing to use the space must pre-book through the Learner Success Services department.
2.2.   Pre-booking the Multi-Faith Space a maximum two weeks in advance is permitted. The College reserves the right to limit the number of times any particular group books the space in order to ensure the space is equitably available for various groups and that sufficient drop in times are also available. Exceptions may be considered for special events where booking is needed more than 2 weeks in advance.
2.3.   The booking of space may only be made by Bow Valley College learners and employees and must be able to provide valid BVC identification while using the space.
2.4.   Conflicts regarding the use of the space will be referred for resolution or decision to the Responsible Officer, or in their absence, the appropriate Vice President.
2.5.   Individuals are not required to pre-book space in the room and may use it on a drop-in basis as availability permits.
2.6.   Individuals/groups wishing to use the room during a pre-booked time by another group may only do so if they are provided with prior permission from the pre-booked group.
2.7.   If a pre-booked group does not show up within 15 minutes of the starting time of their allotted booking, the space is considered available to others and the pre-booking is no longer valid.
2.8.   Groups are to complete their activities within the scheduled time. 
2.9.   The privacy of scheduled groups using the space must be respected.  Individuals wanting to use the space should quietly wait outside of the room until a scheduled usage is completed unless they have been provided with prior permission to use it at the same time.  

3.      Use of Space

3.1.   The Multi-Faith Space is designated for the primary use of spiritual practices, including but not limited to group or individual worship, prayer and devotion.  It may be used for faith studies, educational events/groups specifically related to religious practice and spirituality for employees and students of Bow Valley College.
3.2.   Studying, sleeping or using the space for anything other than the above (3.1) is not permitted although room-booking for other purposes may be authorized by the Responsible Officer.
3.3.   The main entrance/exit to the Multi-Faith Space must be kept clear at all times.
3.4.   All persons and groups who use the space are required to leave the room according to the posted set-up requirements.
3.5.   The maximum number of individuals will vary according to how the room is being used.  Room capacities will be posted in the space and users must observe posted limits. 
3.6.   Consumption of food and beverage is prohibited in the Multi-Faith Space.
3.7.   Burning of candles, incense or other flame or smoke producing materials is prohibited in the Multi-Faith Space.
3.8.   Symbols of faith must be removed after each individual or group usage, and the overall tone of the room shall be religiously neutral.
3.9.   Any damages to space or equipment must be promptly reported to security.  

4.      Use of Storage and Equipment

4.1.   Shelving is available in a closet space for students to leave materials related to their use of space (mats, publications, etc.). These items are not locked or supervised. They are stored at the student's own risk.
4.2.   All persons and groups who use the Multi-Faith Space must leave the furniture as they originally found it and ensure the area is tidied.
4.3.   No decorating, notices, posters, faith symbols, etc. may be fixed inside the room.  

5.      Breach of Code of Conduct or other Multi-Faith Space procedures

5.1 Any alleged breach of College policies must, in the first instance, be brought to the attention of the Responsible Officer or designate. The College reserves the right to withdraw or restrict access to a group, person or persons for breaching College policy.    


Employees A person who is currently employed by the College, hired to perform services.   

Learners A person who is currently registered as a learner at the College whether or not for credit. For the purposes of this document, "learner" shall be used synonymously for applicants, and learners, unless otherwise noted. Representatives of the College include employees, advisory or other committee members, or members of the Board of Governors.


Contact Information

Student Affairs, Learner Success Services