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Counselling FAQs

FAQs about Learner Success Services Counsellors

Will anyone be told I have come to counselling?
No! Counselling is confidential. This means that what you discuss during counselling sessions is between you and your counsellor, and can't be shared without your permission. The exception to this is when a counsellor believes that you (or someone you know) is at risk to harm themselves or others (e.g., suicide, child abuse, violent crime, etc.). Under these circumstances, the counsellor will discuss options with you for getting the help you need. 

If I go to counselling for help, does it mean there is something wrong with me?
No! Students who use counselling are interested in their personal growth and adjustment in the world around them. Students face normal developmental concerns and academic pressures while attending BVC, and may feel anxious, angry, lonely, or depressed. LSS counsellors are trained professionals who help students explore alternative coping strategies.

Why do people consider using counselling?
Counselling is a partnership between an individual and a professional who is trained to help people understand their feelings and assist them with personal growth and change.

People often consider counselling under the following circumstances:

  • They feel an overwhelming and prolonged sense of sadness and helplessness in their futures. 
  • Their emotional difficulties make it hard for them to function day to day. For example, they are unable to concentrate on assignments and their class performance suffers as a result.
  • Their actions are harmful to themselves or others. 
  • They are troubled by emotional difficulties facing family members or close friends. 
  • They just need someone with whom to talk. 

What if I am in a crisis?
If you are in crisis, do not delay in booking an appointment with a counsellor right away. Depending on the nature and severity of your crisis, a counsellor can often see you within a few hours.

Who is eligible for counselling at Learner Success Services?
All registered students at BVC are eligible for counselling.

How much does it cost to see a counsellor in Learner Success Services?
Counselling is free of charge for BVC students.  

What sorts of things can we talk about?
Counsellors are here to talk about anything you feel you need help with. This may include personal issues/concerns, depression, anxiety, abuse, addictions, academic and career goals, couple and family problems, financial issues, personal growth and development, etc.

Do I have to choose one counsellor? Do I have to see the same counsellor each time?
We would prefer that you pick one counsellor and stay with them for the duration of the time you are a student at BVC. However, it is also important that you connect with your counsellor and feel that you are getting the most out of your counselling sessions. If you are not feeling connected with your counsellor after your first few sessions, please book an appointment to see a different counsellor.