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Counselling Appointments

Drop-In Appointments

30 minute drop-in appointments are available daily. Drop-in appointments are limited and cannot be guaranteed so it is recommended that you inquire upon office opening at 8 am.

Scheduled Appointments

We offer scheduled 1 hour appointments that can be booked in advance.

Emergency Appointments

Emergency appointments are for students who are in immediate crisis - something that may threaten the health and/or safety of the student. If you feel you are in crisis, either during or after classes, there is help available.

Contact Options

Counsellors are located in Learner Success Services, 1st Floor, South Campus.  Please note that during regular hours of operation, counsellors may not always be available for drop-in appointments.

Learner Success Services number is 403-410-1440. Please call us to make an appointment or to speak to someone if you have any questions regarding our services.  Counsellors are available for telephone appointments for learners who cannot come in to our office.  When booking your appointment, please indicate if you would like an in-person or telephone session.

Email us at: mailto:counselling@bowvalleycollege.ca.

After Hours:

If you need to speak to someone after hours, please refer to the following list of services.

  • Emergency Help - 911
  • Distress Centre 403-266-4357 (HELP)
  • Child Abuse Program - 403-943-7886
  • Social Resources - 211
  • Non-emergency Police Line - 403-266-1234