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Counselling and Wellness

Counselling and Wellness services are available to students through Learner Success Services at Bow Valley College.  Counsellors offer a holistic perspective to student support towards academic and personal success.  Through one-on-one meetings, workshops, resources and outreach, the Counselling and Wellness team offers a wide variety of services for BVC learners.  Please see the specific links for all of the services available that can meet your support needs.

Location:1st floor, South Campus, Learner Success Services
Phone: 403-410-1440
Email: counselling@bowvalleycollege.ca

Bow Valley College has a team of counsellors who are here to help learners. Counsellors will help you work towards solutions to your concerns and your overall well-being so that you can be successful at school and in your personal life.

Some of our team members help you:

• Think about your goals
• Plan your career
• Live and learn positively
• Manage problems in your courses
• Manage personal or family problems or crisis
• Find help outside of Bow Valley College