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Research Ethics

The Research Ethics Board (REB) at Bow Valley College helps to ensure adherence to ethical principles in research for any research being done at the College, and follows the guidelines mandated by the Tri-Council Policy Statement. 

Anyone doing any research involving BVC faculty, staff, or learners must apply for and receive approval from the Research Ethics Board before beginning their research.

Bow Valley College Policies in Applied Research Bow Valley College Policies in Applied Research
Bow Valley College's research policies outline our commitment to conducting research according to the highest standards of research ethics and outline the responsibilities of both the college and the researcher. They comply with the Tri-Council Policy Statement.
Research Ethics Information Research Ethics Information
This section provides information on various areas of research ethics to inform researchers, students, and others who may be looking for explanations when beginning their research or putting together an ethics application.

Research Ethics Applications Research Ethics Applications
You need to apply for research ethics approval if you are conducting research at Bow Valley College and/or are using Bow Valley College faculty, staff, or learners as your participants.
Research Ethics Board Research Ethics Board
The Research Ethics Board reviews applications for ethics approval for research involving Bow Valley College faculty, staff, and/or learners.