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Evaluation Services

The ongoing evaluation of programs and courses is part of Bow Valley College's commitment to ensure quality learning and services to students, clients, employers, and other members of the college community. Programs are evaluated to ensure overall program quality, relevance, and currency. Courses are evaluated with sufficient frequency to ensure quality standards are maintained. Applied Research & Evaluation (AR&E) conducts these evaluations; other departments or units within the College may request the assistance of AR&E to complete their own evaluations. 

If you have any questions about evaluations, please contact Dr. Aggie Legaspi

 Program & Course Evaluation Policy

This policy describes the purpose and process for program evaluation at Bow Valley College.

Summary: The ongoing evaluation of programs, courses, and academic support services is Bow Valley College's commitment to quality learning. Programs offered by Bow Valley College will undergo a program evaluation process to ensure program relevancy and currency. New programs will be evaluated within the first two years of implementation. One aspect of academic support services will be evaluated in an academic year. 

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