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Applied Research Services

Applied Research and Evaluation (AR&E) supports applied research endeavours throughout Bow Valley College. We are here to assist you at every stage of your research. Whether you have conducted applied research before or you are interested in doing it for the first time, we are happy to have coffee with you and talk about your ideas.

Applied Research is one of the pillars of Bow Valley College Vision 2020. AR&E joins others in the College in achieving this goal. We offer a variety of services to help faculty, staff, and learners build their capacity in research, including:

Capacity Development and Consulting

Workshop Series

AR&E organizes regular workshops on a variety of research topics.


AR&E continues to collect resources such as tip sheets, white papers, and videos that may be useful to you as you conduct your research.


AR&E offers consultations on any topic or question related to the research process.

Exploring Ideas for Applied Research

Idea Development

AR&E can discuss your ideas and objectives with you to help develop them into an applied research project and can also help to determine whether and how applied research can contribute to your objectives.

Writing Research Proposals

Internal Research Grants Program

AR&E can provide support related to the development of and completion of the Applied Research Internal Research Grant application and project.

Preparing Research Proposals

AR&E can provide guidance and feedback on all elements of research and grant proposals.

Funding and Funders

Funding Opportunities

AR&E can help you to find relevant external funding opportunities.

Obtaining Funding

AR&E can assist with the writing of funding proposals for internal or external grants.

Designing Applied Research Projects

Scope of Research

AR&E can help to define the scope of your project and to refine your research questions.

Literature Reviews

AR&E can provide support for conducting literature reviews and database searches, through connections with Library and Learning Commons.


AR&E can help to identify the data you will need to answer your research questions and the most appropriate data collection methods for accessing such data.

Maintaining High Ethical Standards

Research Ethics

AR&E can provide support related to the Research Ethics Board as well as guidance and feedback on all elements of the ethics application process.

Collecting Data

Data Collection Tools

AR&E can assist with the development of data collection instruments and procedures (e.g., questionnaires, interview and focus group schedules, etc.).

Data Collection Hardware and Software

AR&E can provide access to and support for the use of data collection hardware (e.g., audio recorders) software (e.g., online surveys).


AR&E can provide tips and guidance for the recruitment of research participants.

Data Collection & Coding

AR&E can provide tips and guidance for data collection and coding of data.

Analyzing Data & Interpreting Results

Analyzing Qualitative and Quantitative Data

AR&E can provide approaches and tips for analyzing qualitative and quantitative data.

Data Analysis Software

AR&E can provide access to data analysis software applications (e.g., SPSS, NVivo, MaxQDA, MindManager)and support for its use (e.g., access to tutorials, guidelines for use).

Interpretation of Results

AR&E can provide assistance with the interpretation of your project's data.

Access to Data Analysis Hardware

AR&E can provide access to laptops with qualitative and quantitative analysis software (available for loan) and a desktop computer with a greater variety of analysis software (available for College use).

Sharing and Applying Research Findings

Knowledge Transfer

AR&E can provide support for creating reports and presentation materials and can discuss options for disseminating research findings.


AR&E can provide guidance and support for Applied Research Internal Research Grant recipients in writing their final reports.

Dissemination within Bow Valley College

AR&E provides opportunities to highlight research conducted by BVC employees through Brown Bag Research Presentations, the Applied Research Showcase, and the Fresh Perspectives publication.