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Advising services

There are a number of different advising services available to current and prospective Bow Valley College students, but it can be difficult to know where to start. Below is a list some of the advising services available at the College. 

...for prospective students

If you are thinking about attending Bow Valley College, you may wish to check out some of these services:

Prospective student advising - Prospective students can get more information about Bow Valley College programs at the Student Advising Centre.  They can also get assistance with their application for admission.

Other prospective student services offered by advisors

...for Bow Valley College students

If you have already been accepted into a Bow Valley College program, you can access a number of additional services to help navigate College life.

Academic advising for career programs - Students who have been accepted into a career program in the Chiu School of Business or the School of Health, Justice, and Human Services can access a variety of academic advising support services - from course selection, to online registration support, and more.

International student advising - Students who attend Bow Valley College on a Study Permit may have specific questions about how their academic plans may affect their immigration status. The International Student Advisor can provide extra support for international students.

Other advising services for BVC students

For a list of additional services, visit the Campus Services page.