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Learner Appeals

What is an appeal?
An appeal is a request by a student to review a decision that the student does not agree with.  A student's right to appeal is provided for by the College's "Learner Appeals Policy" which can be found here. Please see the policy for additional information which is not provided below.

When is an appeal appropriate?
An appeal should be based on evidence that the decision was incorrect, unfair or did not take into account all relevant information.  Requesting another chance and /or apologizing for behaviour or performance are not considered reasons for an appeal. You may wish to discuss the appropriateness of your appeal with a student affairs officer or counsellor in Learner Success Services.

 What are examples of decisions that might be appealed?

1.     A decision to withdraw a learner from a program
2.     A decision to withdraw a learner from a course or other learning activity
3.     A decision on an assignment mark, test mark or final grade in a course
4.     A decision to restrict a learner from being on College property or some area of the College
5.     A decision to deny a learner from participating in certain activities

 How do you submit an appeal request?

  1. If you feel that a wrong decision has been made, the first step is to speak to the person who made the decision (e.g. instructor or coordinator) to see if it can be resolved without an appeal process.
  2. To begin the appeal process, fill out the Learner Appeals Form, available here.  The form is also available at the front counter of the Office of the Registrar on the 1st floor of the South Campus.  When filling out the form, you need to mention evidence or reasons why you believe the decision you are appealing was wrong. The information on the form must be typewritten or word processed to make sure it is correctly understood and legible.
  3. Grade appeal requests must be submitted within 5 class days of the grade being posted or made available to the student.  Final grade appeal requests must be submitted within 30 calendar days of the grade being posted or made available to the student. Appeals submitted after the deadlines will be denied.
  4. Appeal requests can be submitted:
    • By email to: registrar@bowvalleycollege.ca with the completed form attached.  This must come from the student's MyBVC email account
    • In person to the office of the School or Centre that is responsible for your course if it is an appeal of a mark or grade
    • In person to the front counter of the Office of the Registrar which is on the 1st floor of the South Campus if it is not a mark or grade appeal

What happens next?
You will be notified about the next steps by a staff member of the area that is handling the appeal.  Usually you will be asked to take informal appeal steps to resolve the issue.  If you are not satisfied with the outcome of the informal steps, you can inform the staff member who contacted you that you wish to have a formal appeal hearing.  You will be informed within 5 business days about the arrangements for your appeal.

If it is a grade appeal, the formal hearing will be conducted by the dean of the school or centre which offers the course for which you are appealing the grade.

If the appeal is regarding another type of decision, the formal hearing will be conducted by the Learner Appeal Committee.  There are three members on the appeal committee:

1.     The Director of Enrolment Services and Registrar (or designate) - chairperson of the committee
2.     A counsellor from the Learner Success Services
3.     A faculty representative from a department which is not connected to the appeal.

The Learner Appeal Committee hearing will give you (the student) and the representative from the department that made the decision being appealed an opportunity to present information.  You may bring another person with you to the hearing for moral support or to observe the hearing.  You must notify the staff person arranging the hearing ahead of time if you wish to bring someone with you.